You found me! Or did I find you???I can feel your beautiful shiny soul from all the way over here!  And…I can feel your “stuff” covering up some of that beautiful shine.  Because I’m super intuitive and empathic, I feel it all.

For so many years, my light was covered up too.  I was heavy and “stuck in my head” with repressed anger and depression.  I coped with my bad relationships by smoking weed and eating snacks night after night, for years!  When the relationship ended, I stopped smoking weed and turned to other addictions, such as chasing love with tons of close friends, running myself ragged.  Or telling myself I had to keep working.  Or making sure I stayed out of the stores so I wouldn’t bring home a whole new closet.

I ran from my feelings every socially-acceptable way there is.

Thankfully a lot of real help was available along the way, and I was committed to figuring out how I could be happy.  I went to therapy off and on, studied with spiritual masters such as Anodea Judith, Padrinho Paulo Roberto and Amma Ji, and received direct guidance from the Divine.

Even though I didn’t have as bad a childhood as some people, the mental and emotional abuse was in there really deep because I’m so sensitive.  So it took a long time for me to feel better.  A huge turning point was taking my power back from my past and deciding to live in the present, where I can choose how I feel.

I feel great most of the time now – light-hearted, strong and inspired.  I’m free to put my energy into building a bigger and greater life for myself.  I’m aligned with my purpose and I’m living it full out.

There is no need for you to take the slow road to freedom like I did.  I collected my favorite tools since I started my path in 1987 and created my Spiritual Development series.  In these super-fun interactive classes you can shed your heavy baggage and shine your soul’s light into the world.  Find out about my classes here, and I’ll see you soon!

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Octavia’s Bio

Octavia Brooks is a Shamanic Energy Healer, spirit medium, mentor and inspirational speaker.  Her non-denominational style is irreverent, playful, encouraging and loving.  Octavia collected her Shamanic toolkit while using spirituality to heal childhood wounds from narcissism, abandonment, and being mocked.  She participates in Pagan, New Age, Hindu, Christian, and tribal traditions and studies with human, spirit, and plant spiritual teachers.  As a healer, she transforms the deep suffering trapped inside her clients, releasing hidden capacities of inspiration, peace and happiness.  Octavia’s passion is to unwrap your inner joyful innocence, so  you can inspire and encourage others.  Octavia shines her light in the darkness here.

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