Sustaining Your New Self After Soul Retrieval

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How Do You Sustain the Results of Soul Retrieval?

You’ve done a bit of Soul Retrieval, either by using success tools, self-healing or Shamanic Soul Retrieval, and you’ve had a nice shift.  As I mentioned in my last post, we are designed to slip back into old habits due to our habitual human nature. How do you sustain the benefits of your Soul Retrieval shift?


Try These Methods to Sustain Your New Self After Soul Retrieval Work

  • #1 Recommendation: Cultivate an awareness and ability to commune with your center, that powerful inner place connected with your core self, your heart and soul. Meditate daily on the strength and peace in your center.  Imagine the strength of a tree trunk along your spine to make your connection easier to visualize and feel.
  • Assess: Do a life assessment and be willing to release what’s no longer serving you.
  • Trigger Strategy: Have a strategy for trigger moments, which often happen when we’re weakened in some way – such as stress, illness or exhaustion. Increase your awareness of being more trigger-capable, and commit to staying in your center no matter what.
  • Self-Talk Awareness: Monitor your thoughts for old thinking habits, especially in your self-talk. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations until those old voices quiet down.
  • Face Your fears: Make decisions that are a free choice towards what you want, rather than something to run from that you don’t want. Anything you’re running from will follow you!
  • Evolve or Die: I always say. You may need to grow new skills to make the best use of your new self.


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After Sustaining Your New Self, Celebrate!

Once you acclimate and sustain the new leveled-up you, don’t forget where you came from. Look back on who you were and acknowledge that you’re a better person.  Take notice that you now have better  relationships, greater peace of mind, better health, and so on. Celebrate!  We rapidly get used to our new selves, so don’t forget to celebrate your personal achievements.

Best case, you’re not only a better person as measured by the way you feel inside and in the way you treat people, you can also tell by what life is presenting to you.  Probably you’re experiencing improved situations and relationships.

This is the magic of Soul Retrieval – the universe can more easily give you what you’re asking for, what you most desire.


 New Skillset for Your New Level

When you’re just beginning to get what you’ve always wanted and you’ve never had it before, you might need some new skills to have more fun with your new experiences.  For example: you’re making more money than ever before.  Ideally, you’ll build skills to manage that money effectively instead of losing it all like the average lottery winner.  Or maybe you are finally in the relationship of your dreams, but you need to learn how to be more gentle and receptive than you’ve even been before.

To quickly navigate these new worlds, I recommend looking to mentors, guides and teachers.  Seek someone who already made the transition and schedule a coffee date.  Arrive prepared with a few choice questions, they can tailor and share the exact information you most need.

In less time and money than reading a book or going to a workshop (where the information is only 30% relevant), you can get what you need.  Most knowledgeable people are usually more than happy to set you up for shortcuts – that’s what my online classes are all about – over 20 years of learning synthesized into 100 shortcuts.

If you don’t have a big personal network or you are a more introverted person, then scan blog posts or sign up for the freebies from several online authorities.  Collect opinions until you’re forging your own.

Octavia Brooks, New Self, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Healing, Spirit Guides, Energy Healing, Self Awareness


Spirit Guides Upgrade Our Instincts and Intuition

Spirit Guides will steer you more and more towards the fulfillment of your new goals and dreams.  Pay attention to your physical sensations and gut feelings.  Let your heart guide you by taking the path of lightness and steering away from heaviness.  Ask your guides for next steps before bed and find the answers in your dreams or first thoughts of the morning.

Your spiritual side also got an upgrade when you reclaimed your lost soul.  If your shift was huge, it’s possible your spirit guides need an upgrade too.  Call in new guides using the method in my Spirit Guide series, or by using the one at the beginning of my online class.


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