Self-Love for Sensitives: BE Your Divine Human Nature

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It’s been fun being your go-to gal for tips about making your life easier!
Are you willing to take your sensitivity self-care to the next level?

Last time, I called out your intuitive nature, spiritual talents and abilities.  What if the real reason you have spiritual talents is because you’re also more connected to your soul’s expression into this third dimensional reality?


Tip #1 Your True Divine Human Nature

From the soul’s perspective, we are wrapped in a human body to have a human experience for a lifetime.  Between lifetimes we opt to have another lifetime from a different perspective, because this dimension is so fascinating and full of discovery.  Humanity is an amazing way to explore our divine human nature and consciousness. Since we are all part of the Great Divine that unifies all consciousness, maybe our explorations contribute to a greater self-understanding of the Whole.

If you step into this perspective, hopefully you can start taking on life’s ups and downs in a bit more stride.


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Tip #2: Cultivate Your Witness Self

In this series I’ve said that you are not your mind, it is your servant.  Thoughts create emotions.  Emotions decide much of whether we’re enjoying life or not.  From our Divine Soul’s perspective, all experiences are good experiences.

What do we do when life throws us a curve ball or two? 

There is a part of you who watches your hard times like a movie.  This is your empowered Divine Self – your Witness Self.  The more we cultivate our Witness Self perspective, the more freedom we have from suffering.  Suffering is a construct of our humanity, not our Divinity.  Unfortunately, our humanity can quite easily become addicted to suffering, and keep us asleep to our Divine Nature.

  • Your Witness Self watches your experience of life, as if from a slightly removed place.
  • As you identify more and more with your Witness Self, you’re aligning more with your Higher Self.
  • Your Witness Self accepts. If you’re resisting or pushing away anything in your life, that is not your Witness Self. (PS – you get more of what you resist because you’re paying it so much attention!)
  • Your Witness Self is neutral about experiences. It’s detached from outcomes, expectations, suffering, emotions, assessing meaning, or making judgments (aka “the high road”).
  • Your Witness Self assesses experiences for likes and dislikes, to decide choices for your next experience. You’ll most likely be seeking your next experience to be “an improvement.” However, “more expansive” usually aligns better with your Divine Human Nature.

Our Humanity and divine human nature is precious, so I’m not advocating to stuff your feelings – allow them to flow!  Flow until you can complete the emotional experience.  Here’s the trick – don’t wallow in it or get stuck there.  Indulging in wallowing begins creates fixated pathways in your mind about the “meaning” of that experience, closing down your flexibility to creatively interpret new (or perhaps similar) experiences.


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Tip #3: You are a Divine Creator

Putting all the pieces together – we’re less human and more of a Divine Being by having a human life. We are able to watch this lifetime in all its rich experiences.  The next step is to take ownership of your Divine Creator nature.

Imagine you are seated on a throne.  You are royal and your will is made manifest. What you want to happen, happens. This is closer to who you actually are than the more limited person you’ve thought yourself to be.

Why doesn’t it feel like we are divine?

Because of all our humanity. It’s the same humanity that I’ve discussed in this Self-love for Sensitives series – especially Body, Emotion and Mind.  We come through our early years as sponges for experiences, then our brains configure belief systems around the childish meanings we gave those experiences.  These meanings are almost ALL fictitious!  However, our ego protects the belief system brain structures, making us so afraid that we keep ourselves in tiny little sandboxes.  We play life small and safe instead of being great creators capable of making a huge positive impact on the world.

Divine Creators constantly take courageous steps towards expansion, greatness, bigness, exploration.  Courageous because these types of choices make our human brains very very afraid.

After you take some of these giant courageous leaps, and survive them, it gets a <little> easier to fly in the face of normal human fear.

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Tip #4: Your BEING is Your Doing

In some cutting-edge circles, there’s a lot of talk about staying in a “flow state.”  A flow state is an alignment of your intuition, your creativity, and your motivation.  Hours go by unnoticed as you passionately pursue intentional activities.  It’s pretty great, that’s why there’s so much talk about it!

The way I get into my flow state starts at the beginning of my day. It continues anytime I need to switch gears (for example, from cooking to finances, or sales to copywriting).

Every day before I get out of bed, I meditate and connect with my Higher Self and open my Divine Heart.  Then I decide how I want to BE for today, maybe I’ll choose two or three different ones.


  • I AM BEING the greatest service for my clients today.
  • I AM BEING the vibrational frequency that makes people immediately decide to sign-up.
  • I AM BEING Divine Love acting in the world


It was clunky for the first few months. Sometimes I didn’t notice the Beingness sticking with me throughout the day.  I was in and out of flow states. I had to practice with all the tips I’ve given in this series and free up my subconscious.  Now, I can do a quick attunement and rapidly shift from one flow state to another type of flow state in just a minute or two.

P.S. Adopting a Beingness practice does a couple of other things for you too.  Through repetition, it helps re-calibrate your subconscious to more closely align with your conscious choices. This practice will also get you to consciously CHOOSE who you want to be and how you want to show up, instead of randomly going through your day, leaving many of your Divine resources untapped.


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Tip #5: Go Ahead and Channel Goodness Into the World

You are Divine, you can do this!

To extend your Divinity into the world, you might like to choose a Beingness like these and dream up some of your own.

  • I AM a clear and open channel for (-insert your choice of blessing on the world here-) to flow through me and into my life, into the life of everyone I come in contact with, and into the entire world.
    • Mine is: I AM a clear and open channel for prosperity and abundance.

    I AM gracefully receiving my creations.

  • I AM fully resourced and supported, easily enjoying my accomplishments of big things.
  • I CHOOSE to play BIG, to have the greatest positive impact on the world I possibly can.
  • I CHOOSE TO BE joyful, playful, inspired innocence.
  • I AM consciously creating a more harmonious world by accepting what is and by inspiring peace and authenticity in everyone I meet.

Go get ‘em Divine Creator!


P.S. As you warm up to the idea of your divine human nature, responsibility comes to mind. If you yell about your bad day, what kind of Butterfly effect does that have?  You’re as powerful when you’re encouraging as when you’re discouraging… how much more encouraging can you be?  Everyone needs more gentleness and understanding in this world anyway.  Whenever you can be authentically joyful about life, you create a major positive energy burst in the world. Thank you!

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