Self-Love for Sensitive Folks : 5 Enriching Spiritual Tips

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For us sensitives, our sensitivity extends into the spiritual realms.  You are likely to have more empathy (or even too much), strong intuition or full-on psychic skills, and maybe even an ability to heal, see auras, talk to spirits or other spiritual talents.

This spiritual sensitivity often needs management so we’re not overwhelmed or left feeling like the hungover neighbor we chatted up in the street. In this installment, I’ll share 5 Enriching Spiritual Tips for sensitives to walk in the world of psychic information and energy impressions with safety and appreciation for our gifts.


Spiritual Tip 1: Your Open Heart is Safe – Channel Divine Love

Did you know your heart can do a lot more for your sensitivity than you think?

Many of us sensitives are nearly in overwhelm from daily information processing. Our borderline overwhelm can make us feel like shutting down.  Our hearts are, unfortunately, often victims of the shut-down.

What if keeping your heart open was not only safe, it could even be an antidote to the overwhelm/constriction pattern?

Your heart is the window from the soul into this 3rd dimensional world.  Since your soul is infinite, channeling your soul through your heart brings you rejuvenation to feel more grounded, competent and confident.

How to Channel Divine Love for Yourself

1. Get quiet and breathe into your heart

2. Begin thinking about people, places, things that you love. Allow these thoughts to naturally relax your heart open.

3. Call in your Higher Self to open your Divine Heart inside your heart. Spend some time communing with your sensations, visions, sounds and other experiences of your Divine Heart.

4. Acknowledging that you are the owner of your Divine Heart, call Divine Love to flow through your Divine Heart, and notice how it shows up.

5. As Divine Love comes out of your heart, direct the flow of this energy to your body, mind and emotions to uplift yourself. You can also direct this energy to any people or situations in your life that need a lift too.

Find more tips on using the Divine Power of your heart in my online class, Higher Self Living.

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Spiritual Tip 2: Energy Hygiene

Sensitives and empaths pick up energies like a sponge sometimes.  Whenever we have someone else’s energy in our system, it’s like a car running on the wrong gas – no matter how good-hearted that person is.  This spiritual tip is about keeping your energy clean and clear, which will make you feel more rejuvenated.

Here is one of my favorite clearing statements from Access Consciousness.  I run this every day:

What energy, space and consciousness do me and my body be, to be interfering energy and entity free?  Anything that does not align and agree with that, I destroy and un-create, totally and utterly.

I also created a device called the Portal of Compassion, fully described in the 7 Tips to Protect and Rejuvenate your Energy PDF when you sign up for my list. You can also write to me at for an new copy.

To call in the Portal of Compassion, close your eyes and imagine a round portal, with a Violet flame color in the middle. This portal is connected directly with the Divine.  Through it, you can send low vibrations and other people’s energy away from you. You can also pull your energy back from people, places and things.  It’s divinely intelligent, so you can ask it for help if you’re not sure what to do to balance the energy between you and someone else.  Test it out!

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Spiritual Tip 3: Anchor in the 7 Directions for More Inner Strength

In my daily meditation, I anchor my energy in all 7 directions — the 4 elements and Above, Below and Center.  Send your love to each direction, and ask the element of that direction for a connection.  The element will connect into your heart with something like a beam of light.  Here are the correspondences:

  • East – Air
  • South – Fire
  • West – Water
  • North – Earth
  • Below – Heartbeat of the Earth
  • Above – Heartbeat of the Universe
  • Center – all of the others anchored together as Divine Love

When you’re connected with all the elements, you have 4 beams of light on all sides – a beam up and a beam down with Center holding them all in place.  This meditation is tremendously helpful when life is shaking, or you’re going through so much that you feel shaky.  That will not be true after this meditation – with all the support holding you up, you will feel strong and resourced.


Spiritual Tip 4: Set Intentions Daily

How do you manifest your soul’s purpose every day?  Live intentionally!

A great way to calibrate alignment with your highest good and your deepest desire is to set your intention every day when you wake up and when you fall asleep.

Make your intention statements simple, clear and specific so they’re easy to repeat when you’re sleepy (this is a great time to collaborate with your powerful subconscious too).  It’s ok to evolve them over time…always seek the highest vibrational language.  You can recognize the high-vibe wording because you’ll feel something relax or expand inside you.

PLUS – If you don’t know your desires, set intention for your clarity to come through, then pay attention to the quiet little messages from your Higher Self (Jeneth Blackert calls them “whispers”).  Write them down so you can hear them better and better over time.


Spiritual Tip 5: Connect with Your Guidance

As part of my daily meditation, I send my love to my guides after opening my Divine Heart.  I know my love feeds them and nurtures our connection.   I ask them for intuitions, experiences and validations on my path of highest purpose.  It sure feels nice to knowing they are supporting me!

When you start using these 5 Spiritual Tips for Enrichment, you’ll feel grounded, centered, strong, connected to your guidance, and on purpose, living your highest path.  That brings even more peace to a highly sensitive person!

Now that you’ve received Tips for Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit, what’s next?  I’ll take it to the next level, Living from your Divinity.


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