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Results for Healing Practitioners and Therapists

Beth Apfelbaum, MFT, Loving Sexuality Institute

At a networking event of visionary entrepreneurs, Octavia gave me ideas to use with one of my clients. My client felt stuck with her feminine energy. Octavia’s ideas were interesting and I was able to share them with my client with good results. I will be able to extrapolate from her ideas to assist other clients as well.

Judith Knight, Detox Coach and Energy Healer

I met Octavia at a gathering of visionary practitioners and quickly recognized her authentic spirituality.  In response to my brief description of a client conundrum I was having, she channeled an important message for me.  What she shared has become a key element in my work as an energy intuitive.  A doorway opened to deeper healing for my clients as I connected the information to my energy work.  I am grateful for Octavia’s awareness and spiritual wisdom that she shares through her loving heart.

Bart Sharp, Access Consciousness Energy Healer, Austin, TX

Six weeks ago my father died and soon after the funeral I contracted the flu. Part of the symptoms was  a lighter pneumonia with extreme coughing and congestion in the lungs. After 6 weeks the cough persisted but something concerned me even more there seemed to be something still in my lungs. I am extra sensitive much like Octavia and I knew this had something to do with my father. I could simply feel it. Even though my expertise is in sensing emotional traumas in the body I could not get my grip on this one so I asked Octavia for assistance.

With Octavia’s  intention upon my lungs and liver area I could feel something resonate inside me. Octavia began to sense an entity of some form that carried on for my father, most likely transferred when I witnessed my father’s passing or somewhere in my childhood with my dad.

As Octavia called in her spirit guides and directed the intention into my chest area I could feel things shift and move. Eventually I perceived these denser feeling energies leaving my body as the spirits transitioned out of me. Octavia told me that an old childhood memory at a year and a half age of the 1st incident that my father physically hit me was held inside my lungs. Somewhere this energy became stimulated for my father’s transition and manifested with the illness.

After this short session I felt an enormous amount of space inside my lungs where there was once a heaviness from the flu and congestion. I suppose the body was trying to release the emotions through the coughing and congestion. With Octavia’s work it seemed to free up slow moving sickness that had been with me for 6 weeks. The next day my cough was much better and a week later feels 98% complete.

G.E. Energy Healer, Austin, TX

I am an experienced energy healer so I am very particular about who I choose to work on me.  I’ve had several healing sessions from Octavia and was truly pleased with the depth and breadth of her nurturing care.  I felt that her assessments of what were amiss in my energy field were highly accurate.  Her healing treatments come from divine guidance and were exactly right for me and my sensitive system.   Her manner is very respectful and warm and makes one feel totally cared for, understood and  contained during the healing session. After both sessions, I felt more grounded, cohesive, stable and balanced. I highly recommend Octavia.

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