Instead of Goals for 2018, Decide who to BE

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It’s all well and good to set your goals for 2018.  Many great teachers can show you how to set ‘em, so you don’t need that from me. Set goals, and also decide who to BE.


I have mixed feelings about goals.

Goals are always changing as I learn along the way towards achieving them. Then it feels tedious to go back and update them. However… successful people set goals.  It’s one way to measure your success and achievement. Sometimes goals are motivating, but sometimes they bring out the worst in us.


Stressed about goals, set goals, goal setting, decide who to be, being-ness, octavia brooksI have lost sleep chasing after goals, and I’ve fallen into my work addiction, thwarted myself, failed, beaten myself up, and so on. While chasing after goals, I learned how to overcome a lot of resistance and bad habits, I learned I was much more capable than I imagined.

Pursuing goals became more about the journey than the destination. This looked a lot more like living in certain directions and ways, rather than being goal-oriented.

Nowadays, my “goals” have changed into my dreams – increasing degrees of freedom, expression, influence, and positive impact on the world.  I’m more interested in living my life, who to be and being my achievements.


Deciding Who to BE

Every day, I choose how and who I am going to BE that day – how I want to show up in the world to achieve my greatest fulfillment and positive impact.  I always choose to do my best (tip o’ the hat to Don Miguel Ruiz for that lesson).


divine queen, divine sovereignty, divine spirit, goal setting, decide to be, octavia brooks Deciding my being-ness is a personal invocation of my sovereign divinity.

I AM creating a massive positive impact. I AM clear and focused. I AM righteously healthy.

I AM a Divine Sovereign Creator of Peace. I AM a clear and open channel of Divine Love.



PS – One of my first teachers from way back in the day was Anodea Judith (yeah the chakra goddess!). She taught us about our “Havingness scales.”  You can set goals all day long. However, if you’re not ready to have that much, oftentimes you’re gonna fall short of that goal.  And failing might throw you into a self-assault tailspin.  Just one of the pitfalls of setting goals…😊


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