A Fresh Start in the New Year When You Reclaim Energy

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How do you recover from a difficult year and enter into the next one feeling hopeful for a fresh start?

A lot of us had a doozy of a year in 2017.  Surgery, divorce, moving around, looking for the right home, health issues, money drains, unexpected death – all of this and more happened just in my inner circle of friends and family.  Even with all of our tools, the intensity was almost overwhelming at times.

How can we make 2018 more enjoyable than last year?  

How do we go in strong and ready for whatever awaits us in 2018 for a fresh start? 

How can we feel better about 2017 and human life in general?


Answer: Reclaim all your energy from 2017, here’s how…

1. Take stock and give yourself credit for everything you went through.  It’s in the past, so don’t go back and wallow in it, just take note.

I was guided to close up shop in Austin, so I moved to Brazil for a man.  He and I didn’t work out, however I stayed and had some of the most profound and unique spiritual experiences possible on this planet.  After a lovely summer on the West Coast, I took a big scary risk and moved to Mexico.  In November, me and a tiny crew worked very hard to put on a preview of my success in a ceremony retreat format for a select group.

Recently we had an unexpected death in my family. There was also a lot going on in our cultural context too – the US got a different kind of president than we ever had before.


2. Catalog everything you learned, how you healed and grew from those experiences.  How you gained, what new resources you discovered. How you’re a better stronger person now than you were last January.

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In Brazil, I gained new guides to help my clients.  My guides started singing their healing medicine.  I achieved major physical healing of a long-standing issue with the help of Dr Lindsay Berkson.

I studied two beautiful languages, and I found my place in Mexico. As a result of the retreat, I healed some deep pre-verbal child selves.  Because of that healing in the places where I felt overwhelmed and tempted by enmeshment, I now feel strong, capable and independent. My marketing team trained me on consistent writing and communication with my community.  I am starting to express myself in Spanish, making a life-long dream come true.

What new resources did you discover in yourself or in your community to help you stay positive as the US government was chaotic?

Now you’re turning around for a fresh start in 2018

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As soon as you acknowledge the “silver linings” of your doozy year, you start reclaiming your energy.  Once you forgive yourself for anything you regret (you learned enough to make a better choice next time!) there’s brownie points and even more energy reclaimed.

As you focus on the positives from last year, your energy returns to those inner places and spaces where you worked very hard. It heals them and restores your balance and inner strength.  Continue to call back your energy from 2017 as you sleep tonight, and tomorrow you’ll be much more prepared for whatever 2018 brings to you.

3. Decide who you want to BE in 2018 for a fresh start in the new year.


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