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The Ultimate Form of Self-Love is

You can save money, time and drama with self care and doing as much as possible for yourself.  In Tip #2 of the post, Self-Love for Sensitive Folks: BE Your Divine Human Nature, I recommended for you to Cultivate your Witness Self for Self-healing.  This is a big topic, so I’ve decided to blow out this topic here.

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Have you ever seen a shy animal or child open up and relax when they receive attention, love and kindness from someone?  This can happen inside of us too.

We have shy or hurt little children of all ages inside us.
When you’re feeling fussy, do you ever stop and ask yourself why?

Give yourself space to be quiet for a minute, and listen to your fussy inner voice.  When you pay attention to that little kid inside of you, he or she flourishes.  It could be the first time he or she has ever been able to share their story, especially with someone who really cares.  When you listen, you’ll learn amazing things about yourself.

Grumpy kid, inner child, self witness, witness self, self-healing, self-love

Inner Witnessing for Self-Healing

Paying attention and listening to your inner children is what I call “inner witnessing,” and it’s a very potent form of self-healing.  Really listening, with full attention and presence, is a highly underrated super-power in our society.  With all of the hustle-bustle and smart devices keeping us moving fast, we rarely take time for personal attention to each other.

As children, we may not have received the full attention of our busy parents.  So our inner children are actually starved for attention. When we give them center stage and we really listen, things shift and change inside us.

That little kid inside who’s been acting out and messing up things in your life has a chance to find peace, healing and, best of all, maturity.  With witnessing, they can grow up and act in alignment with your current age, adding fire to your passionate pursuits.


Soul Retrieval and Witness Self

From a Shamanic perspective, this is a form of Soul Retrieval.  Soul Retrieval is when we can find a part of ourselves that is not integrated with us in present time, then we heal it up and bring it home.  You can read my series about Soul Retrieval for more information on this topic.

What if witnessing self isn’t quite enough? 

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Turn up the healing volume by pouring transformative love onto that grumpy inner kid.  First charge up your heart with thoughts of wonderful people, places and things that inspire your love.  You may also wish to be grateful to the divine.  These activities naturally expand, relax and open your heart.

Now turn back to your wounded inner kiddo and shine your bright heart-light while you listen to their story.  Imagine your shiny heart is beaming directly into theirs.  You may be able to see, feel or know that she/he is becoming more whole.  Your inner kiddo will become less fussy, sad or angry, then start to smile and see things more positively and hopefully.  When your wounded inner child seems whole and healed, invite that part to come back home inside you.


Cultivating your witness self and these forms of self-healing can give you more of your personal resources back. Then you can move ahead faster and happier in your life.

Read the Self-Love Series to gain additional tools.


Book Recommendation: Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child by John Bradshaw

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