Awaken Up! Vision Quests

Become your New Self to Create your Dream Life

Awaken Up Vision Quests are perfect for YOU if…

  • You want more access to your capabilities so you can serve the world bigger
  • You seek out exotic, high-quality experiences
  • You like experimenting with different states of consciousness to optimize your humanity
  • You appreciate Nature and indigenous consciousness
  • You identify with or enjoy LGBT folks
  • You want to feel more successful at living life Full Out!


How AwakenUp events are different

Cutting-edge success tools + Shamanism +  Ancient plant medicine 

  • Success Tools – Learn how your mind blocks you from achieving your Dream Life, and how to re-program it.  Transform through experiential learning – games, connection, being witnessed, sharing, relaxing.
  • Shamanism – Reclaim your power to trust and surrender in rituals, guided journeys, soul retrieval, and initiations.
  • Plant Medicine – This visionary teacher from the Amazon opens pathways through your deepest blocks – awakening your intuition, hidden capabilities and joyful self expression

Octavia Brooks, Shamanic practitioner and Awaken Up facilitator, is a master in personal development and Shamanic healing during plant medicine ceremony.  Octavia’s playful, experiential teaching style is proven to help you transform and learn success tools faster.  Plant medicines help you in a thousand ways to overcome limitations and fill your emptiness so you can operate life from wholeness.  In just a few days, re-program yourself for success by shedding baggage, fears and blocks that would normally take years.  As your vision quest unfolds you will fully reclaim the New You who can create your Dream Life.


Head-Heart-Soul Experiential Learning Flow
(CLICK HERE for detailed itinerary and list of classes)


In this phase of the week, find out how our minds are programmed from childhood to limit our success in life, and how we can re-program ourselves to enjoy the freedom we desire.  Freedom from limitation = creating a bigger positive impact on the world. In ceremony, accelerate your learning and heal your mind.

Heart and Body

Emotional and physical well-being are the foundation for a happy life.  Release difficult emotions and reclaim your empowerment from life’s traumas.  Trust again.  Engage with the sacred beauty of your body temple.  Connect.  In ceremony, open your heart wider and heal your body.


Unwrap your innocence and invoke your playful and powerful inner child, who knows how to create and manifest your Dream Life.  You are a Divine Creator – learn to live from this knowing to create your Dream Life.  In a daytime ceremony, explore the ecstatic states of creating your Dream Life.


REGISTRATION CLOSEDVision Quest Location Dec 9-16, 2017: Mar de Jade

It takes a special place to transform into your New Self.  We’ve found those special places in Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and Brazil, with comfortable accommodations, delicious food and nature close by.

December 9-16, 2017 location: Mar de Jade, Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico  REGISTER HERE or call +1 512-394-8809

We selected Mar de Jade because it has everything to support your transformation.  Balance your self-development with integration through ocean swimming and beach time, yoga, nature hikes, massage, and delicious natural food buffets for 3 meals a day.  We’ll even be doing a sweat lodge ceremony at the beginning of your quest!  Read Trip Advisor reviews for Mar de Jade here.


Join an Awaken Up Here

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Daily Itinerary (high level) 7-Day Awaken Up Vision Quest 

(Click Here to see the daily list of experiential learning topics)


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner served buffet style by the gourmet chefs at Mar de Jade
  • Yoga & meditation option offered by Mar de Jade
  • Morning ritual – daily success practices

Saturday Dec 9th – Arrival and Opening

  • 4pm Opening Chocolate ceremony
  • 5:30 Temescal ceremony (aka Sweat Lodge) to purify resistance to change

Sunday Dec 10th Head

  • Focus: Mental limitations and re-programming
  • 8pm Plant Medicine Ceremony w Shamanic healing and music by Ari Moshe

Monday Dec 11th Head

  • Focus: Connecting, rest and integration
  • Sharing circle and Q&A
  • Afternoon free time for 1:1s w Octavia/team or local exploration
  • Fireside song circle

Tuesday Dec 12th Heart and Body

  • Focus: Heart and body empowerment rituals and experiences
  • 8pm Plant Medicine Ceremony w Shamanic healing and music by Ari Moshe

Wednesday Dec 13th Heart and Body

  • Focus: Connecting, rest and integration
  • Sharing circle and Q&A
  • Afternoon free time for 1:1s w Octavia/team or local exploration
  • Fireside song circle

Thursday Dec 14th Soul

  • Focus: Soul’s Expression
  • Laughter yoga
  • Unwrap your Innocence w games and journey
  • Daytime Plant Medicine ceremony to Express Essence (skip lunch)
  • Human Blossoming Song Circle from Morgan Brent of Singing Alive
  • Fireside song circle

Friday Dec 15th Integrating Soul Expression – New Self, New Life

  • Focus: New Life Creator Skills
  • Solidify your key success tools to sustain your New Self and your New Life
  • You are a Divine Creator now, what does that mean?
  • What’s next with Octavia
  • Free time, 1:1s w Octavia
  • 7:30 Closing Chocolate ceremony
  • 8pm Cuddle party (safe consensual non-romantic touch)

Saturday Dec 16th Sweet Parting, not Forever!

  • Yoga & meditation option (offered by retreat center)
  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • Free time, 1:1s w Octavia
  • 12 noon checkout


Future Awaken Up Vision Quest Dates

December 9-16, 2017 Mar de Jade near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico $1345, $995 before Oct 23rd REGISTER HERE

March 2018: Costa Rica (dates TBD)

April, 2018: Los Cielos near Pulcallpa, Peru (to be confirmed)


Preparation Before – Support During and After

Transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum, you need a community.  Before the event, attend life-preparation online gatherings so your New Self has a perfect nest to live in after your Vision Quest.

During your Vision Quest you’ll receive Shamanic blessings, healing and consultations, 1:1 attention for rough patches, and integration strategies for understanding and sustaining your New Self.

Stay Connected After your Quest

We fully expect the people having this experience to bond for life, so we invite you to stay connected through monthly online gatherings.  These on-going integration conversations will help you retain and use your new success tools for continuous self-expansion.


Unique extra-curricular experiences at Awaken Up Vision Quests

  • Shamanic healing – Resolve root causes of issues and reclaim your inspiration and youthful joy.
  • Chocolate – The beautiful way we open and close our events
  • Rapé – Organic snuff from the Amazon to cleanse your body and commune with your spirit guides.
  • Readings and consultations – Answers stubbornly elusive? Not anymore.
  • Healing touch – Professional massage and facilitated safe touch at group cuddle gatherings.
  • Yoga – Integrate your experiences into 3D, where you take action.
  • Outings and excursions – We won’t make you stay inside all day!

Who’s Running this Show?

Octavia Brooks – Success coach, Shamanic Technologist, Consciousness Revolutionary and Plant Technology Facilitator

Shining starlight into your depths, she awakens your potential with grace and playfulness. Octavia Brooks is a Shamanic Energy Healer, spirit medium, mentor and inspirational speaker. She has 10 years’ plant medicine experience, including 8 years in the Santo Daime lineage.  Her human and spirit guide team will help you peel off layers to reveal your true divine nature.  On her path for over 20 years, she is a master of showing the way, so you can live your joyful purpose and create the positive impact on the world that you came here for.


Core Values

  • Authentic
  • Connected
  • Sustainable
  • Fun and Positive
  • LGBT friendly
  • Healthy

We give back


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