Spiritual Development Classes

Octavia Teaching Spiritual Development classesGet Results from your Spirituality!

Do you think Spirituality is somber and tedious and you have to do it like getting enough exercise?  What if Spirituality was actually fun and you got immediate benefits?  

The right kind of spirituality can immediately improve your success in life. You can get dozens of fun and interesting non-denominational spiritual tools and technologies to build confidence, change what you don’t like about your life, and receive support, connection, and intimacy. 

These tools came from my spiritual adventures in New Age, Pagan, Christian and Hindu traditions.  I created them as I healed from childhood depression, mental and emotional abuse, and love and work addiction. Today I am a happy and fulfilled person so I know these tools get results.

And now you can take my shortcuts!

Use these tools to experience bliss and learn how to leverage spirituality and create the life you want.  Because the Divine doesn’t want to see you suffer any more!

Watch 2 minute sample videos and get the Series here

What’s in this Spiritual Development Class Series?

Learn spiritual tools and technologies experientially and save time – no sitting and staring at a screen for hours on end, or filling out forms.  You’ll watch a clip, maybe play a game, look at a PDF, use a guided meditation or take a Shamanic journey, then move and dance to integrate what you learned.

In this series you’ll get a spiritual basics toolkit:

  • Meet your spirit guides
  • Connect with the Divine through Nature
  • Protect your positive energy
  • Use your chakras to improve any aspect of your life – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual
  • Balance your masculine and feminine sides and get the best of both
  • Live from your heart like a guru

Get your Complete Set of 6 classes Here, or read on to find detailed descriptions of each class below. Classes are designed so you can easily replay and refresh on that one tool you want to remember.  Once you create your account, you’ll have lifetime access to this material!

My guarantee – If you don’t like these classes, I’ll refund your money 100%

PS – Wonder if my spiritual beliefs align with your own? Get your answer from this 2-minute video.

Class 1 Starting a Successful Spiritual Practice

Review the basics of starting a devotional practice.  We’ll cover how to set create a sacred space that will make spiritual activities more effective.  We’ll play with concepts of intention and prayer, how to best be heard by the Divine.  To deepen our relationship with the Divine, we’ll explore one aspect: Nature.  We’ll learn about the four elements and how and why to have intimate relationships with these essential energies.

Class 2: Receiving Spiritual Guidance

Have fun meeting your spirit guides and opening your channels of communication.  We incarnated ones have access to so many resources, create personal relationships with your helper beings!

This class includes two Shamanic journeys.  The first one will clear blocks to communications and introduce you to your spirit guides.  In the second journey you will meet your animal allies.  Learn how and when to ask which guides for assistance, and what to expect from these relationships.

Class 3: Energy Rejuvenation and Protection

Feeling low-energy or buzzy and anxious all the time? Or even worse, have a little of both going on??? Learn how to balance your energy by channeling infinite and intelligent energy to everywhere you need it most.

Sometimes people or situations are draining. Keep some energy for yourself! You will learn strategies for avoiding toxic energies, so after a full day of helping clients or friends, you still have energy left for yourself. Develop awareness with fun partner exercises.

Class 4: Tune up Your Chakras Tune up Your Life

For those new to energy self-healing, learn how your chakras can help you up-level any/all aspects of your life!  Connect with each chakra and learn this system of correspondences.  Through guided visualizations, gain self-healing techniques to improve what you’re getting out of life.

This results-oriented class shows you how to uplevel an aspect of your life that is bugging you.  You'll learn how each chakra corresponds to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our lives.  By healing your chakras with the self-healing technologies we'll learn in this class, you'll see dramatic improvements in the related area of your life!

Class 5: Masculine and Feminine in Sacred Dance

Sexiness happens inside when your masculine and feminine energies are whole and in love with each other!

Do you run yourself ragged in your life or have so much focus you miss things? Your masculine may be out of balance. Feel like you’re waiting for the right thing to happen all the time? Your feminine may be out of balance. Can’t pick the right approach either way? Your inner guy and gal may not be talking to each other at all!

Learn to Manifest and Magnetize in the right proportions every time. In 3 Shamanic journeys, open healing dialog with your inner masculine and feminine. Once you start the dialog, you can facilitate their sexy interplay to get the best results from every situation in your life.  Discussion woven in about balancing these energies and when/why/how to consciously adjust levels.

Class 6: Higher Self Living

When we operate from our higher selves, we can easily embrace life in all of its messiness.  We are safe, peaceful and wise, which brings us more joyfulness.  We are whole; we radiate Love and people feel it and want more of us.

In 2 Shamanic journeys, learn strategies for rapid evolution – increase present-time awareness and response, quickly resolve issues, take every challenge as a blessing in disguise, and have more abundance to give away every day.

Soul retrieval journey – reclaim a lost piece of self to use for taking steps forward in life

Higher Self re-parenting/healing hurt inner selves, for use when you need to resolve a weakness in yourself.

Still reading??  Get the whole set!

The series of 6 classes won't take a lifetime to complete, however you'll use these tools the rest of your lifetime.  They help you create clarity, make better decisions and choices, connect with your motivation and inspiration, and with your spirit helpers and guides.  In short, these tools get you in the driver's seat of accelerating your life!

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