7 Tips to Protect and Rejuvenate your Energy

<<I am not a sell-out!  Your privacy is respected here.>>>

Use my 7 Tips to troubleshoot why you might be feeling low-energy, and what to do about it!  These simple visualizations make so much sense and make you feel great, all day long, every day.  You’ll be able to learn them very quickly!  And they also serve as a defense if you start to feel yukky when you’re around someone toxic.

Read a powerful story of how the 7 Tips made a difference at a battered women’s hotline

A woman who learned the 7 Tips in my class works for a battered women’s hotline and handles calls from desperate women all night long.  The stress of these women drained her and yet she was committed to helping them, knowing that job burnout was looming.  Once she learned these tools, she had the energy to help these women even more, even offering silent healing without adding time to her calls.  She shared the PDF with her co-workers, and the energy of the whole call center got lighter.  Now everyone goes home with plenty of energy left over for themselves and their families.

When you sign up for the 7 Tips, you’ll receive a couple fun blog posts each month, with more tips for living your essential joyfulness.  You’ll also be invited to take the online class for the guided meditations and deeper wisdom, such as how to give blessings!

PS – The 7 Tips are non-denominational energy healing techniques.  They are spiritual however.  The two main energies I use are Earth energy and Universal energy.  My philosophy is that these energies have Divine Intelligence, that’s part of why they are so effective in tuning up your energy!

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